About Dylan Taylor

Dylan Taylor is Global President and COO of Colliers International, a multi-national real estate services firm operating in 68 countries with over 16,000 employees and revenues exceeding $2.5 billion. Colliers is a trailblazer in the CRE industry, known for its global influence and enterprising culture. The firm pioneers cutting-edge solutions that are not only flexible and scalable, but designed to evolve with a changing global landscape and future innovations. Dylan is widely regarded for his experience in international markets and expertise in global business strategy and operational integration.

Why Millennials Matter: The Numbers

As an offshoot of my recent post on Generation C, my next several posts will look at Generation Y, also known as Millennials, and explore some implications and predictions as this generation continues to come of age.  Typically classified as those born in the early 1980s, this generation is probably the most thoroughly studied cohort in U.S. [...]

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Choosing Connectedness: Welcome to Generation C

This post was co-written by Doug Frye Defining generations based on their unique traits has always given us an easy, shorthand way to assess each group’s cultural impact. The “Greatest Generation” was about strength and sacrifice; Baby Boomers, about breaking down rigid social structures. Generation X was known, at least briefly, as the “slacker” generation, [...]

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What’s Driving Cap Rate Compression?

After a recent client event in New York, I spent some time discussing the markets with KC Conway, chief economist in the U.S. for Colliers. It turns out we’re hearing the same question come up pretty frequently: What’s going on with cap rate compression? (KC has been having similar conversations regarding cap rates with bank [...]

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Crowdsourcing and Commercial Real Estate

Crowdsourcing is a practice that is becoming more mainstream and used more frequently by all kinds of companies. It’s a fascinating concept that’s developed as we’ve become a more global, connected and seamless marketplace.  If you’re not familiar with the term, crowdsourcing is a way to reach out to the masses or specific communities online [...]

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Giving Back to the National Leadership Academy

Are leaders born or made? I believe it’s a little bit of both. While many people have some leadership qualities to build upon—whether it’s great communication skills, the ability to inspire others, or a steady hand under adversity and unexpected challenges—most develop these traits over many years and through many experiences. I also believe that [...]

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A Special Evening with Clients

I had the privilege of co-hosting several hundred clients and colleagues in San Francisco back in 2010. Colliers International was lead sponsor and host of an event on behalf of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, established by the former prime minister of the U.K. in 2008 to foster dialogue and understanding between people worldwide, regardless of [...]

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