Dylan Taylor’s Upcoming Events


SpaceCom, General Session: Humans in Space

October 19-29th, 2020, SpaceComExpo.com – SpaceCom’s programming is unrivaled – consisting of high-profile keynotes, formalized sessions, and dynamic round-table discussions, by the industry’s most elite thought leaders.

Education programming will run over the course of the 8-day SpaceCom program. Each day will begin with either a Keynote or General Session. Individual sessions are broken down into distinct 3-day tracks by topic. Topics in 2020 include: enabling commercial space, industry applications of satellite enabled services, low earth orbit economy, the Artemis mission: returning to the moon, and more.

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SpaceCom, the Global Commercial Space Conference and Exposition

November 19th-21st, 2020, Houston, Texas This past year, SpaceCom operated under a Space Act Agreement with NASA. The Department of Commerce’s Office of Space Commerce and the Department of Energy’s Office of Technology Transitions joined NASA and the commercial space industry in collaborating on the development of the show.

SpaceCom brings together colleagues from c-suite and executive management, legislative affairs, business development, R&D, CTOs, engineers and scientists from aerospace, government, international space agencies and other industries.

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