Based out of Westminster, Colorado, the company Advanced Space is delivering innovation to orbit. Founded with the focus to support sustainable space exploration, settlement and development, the company is helping to spearhead expertise in spaceflight dynamics, estimation and control. 


The Mission

The company understands that fundamentals in any industry can change. Therefore, they focus on the evolving needs of mission planning, analysis and support, including launch and early operations, orbit transfers, innovation architectures for resilience and competitiveness. They also focus on deep space missions like launch targeting, ground segment design and requirements, along with navigation design and operations among many others. 

Thus far, the company has supported over 28 missions, with seven of the past 8 U.S. spacecraft to the Moon. They have also proven experience across civil, commercial and innovative national security space software tools and technical processes. Currently, they also have contracts, relationships and partnerships with USAF, NASA, primes, commercial operators and many startups within the industry.


Return to the Moon

Among their great accomplishments, the small company is playing a significant role in NASA’s return to the moon. The CAPSTONE project, or the Cislunar Autonomous Positioning System Technology Operations and Navigation Experiment mission has just arrived at the moon earlier this month. The fast, low-cost spacecraft pathfinder is part of NASA’s Artemis program. It uses highly efficient power to navigate to the Moon and utilizes proprietary peer-to-peer navigation within its positioning system.

Advanced Space sits on the precipice of an adventure and market ripe for growth. As cislunar space missions are constrained by availability of ground tracking and require capabilities and station keeping then Advanced Space’s offerings are a critical part of the infrastructure that enables NASA and other commercial spacefaring companies to conduct international missions in the short and long term.


Check out Advanced Space’s website for more info on their innovative technologies!