Smooth, intelligent logistics are crucial to the success of every mission beyond Earth’s atmosphere. Coordinating the when and where of space travel goes far beyond the countdown and requires intricately complex systems and components. It only makes sense that those logistical operations should be managed and monitored by an organization wholly dedicated to the highly methodical process. This is where the space company, D-Orbit, enters orbit. 

D-Orbit is a space logistics company—the first of its kind—that launched in 2011, well before the dawn of the “New Space” market. Since then, they’ve been streamlining the logistical needs of the space market with solutions based on unique proprietary technology. D-Orbit’s carefully calculated solutions enable the optimization of operations both in orbit and on the ground, including satellite last-mile delivery, orbital transportation, space logistics and space waste management.

The smart solutions that D-Orbit offers play various, critical roles in the launch, operation and return of spacecraft. D-Orbit’s onboard computers facilitate complete platform management and can operate mini and microsatellites. Advanced propulsion systems also offer the possibilities of independent propulsion for end-of-life satellite removal or quick and reliable perigee raise.

D-Orbit is committed to empowering space companies and entrepreneurs in all walks and stages of exploration. From satellite operators to instrument developers, the company’s forward-thinking view has enabled it to consistently create solutions that save their clients money and time, two elements that always seem to disappear far too quickly in the realm of space exploration. 

Over the past two years, D-Orbit has played critical roles in several major space flights and missions, including the Origin flight in September 2020 and the Pulse and Wild Ride missions in 2021. So far, in 2022, they’ve aided the flight and operation of two space flight missions, Dashing Through the Stars and Spacelust

As the drive to push exploration and human expansion into space accelerate at rocket speed, D-Orbit will be right behind many crucial missions.