Recognized as the premier mapping and situational awareness solution for space, LeoLabs is securing safe and sustainable operations as the world’s first and only company that supplies commercial radar tracking services for space objects in low-Earth orbit (LEO).

Established in 2016, LeoLabs disrupts the niche by handling the set up of required radars, computing infrastructure and staffing, whereas tracking objects in LEO in the past meant doing so over decades and spending billions of dollars. Smart satellite and space debris tracking services are now available online, in real-time, from a network of trusted radars.


The venture-funded company, a spinoff of SRI International, was founded by scientists and space industry experts committed to securing LEO. Many on the leadership team, including CEO Dan Ceperley, have flown missions to LEO and collectively they have flown five radars and ten satellite payloads. LeoLabs is built upon 30 years of research in satellite tracking algorithms and radar technologies. The company is quickly expanding its global radar network and data platforms to help satellite operators launch their services safely while supporting government space agencies like NASA with high-detail visibility in LEO.



Tracking as a Service: LeoLabs offers a cloud-based system that handles crucial radar monitoring and tracking services. Their operations process data, delivery and display for users. Data is provided through automated, personalized web services with no installation necessary on the users’ end. The cloud includes a catalog visualization dashboard, tracking and monitoring tools, along with a collision avoidance dashboard and visualization.


Data Analytics: Scalable, real-time algorithms deliver crucial information to decision-makers. They are designed to analyze massive amounts of data for deeper insights with complete transparency and also gives a clear-cut margin of error for better decision-making. For example, the tools allow for automated orbit fitting through maneuvers and proximity analysis and maneuver detection that affect satellites. 


Radar: LeoLabs offers a global phased-array satellite network, with each satellite built in less than a year. Their radar tracks satellites and space debris 24 hours a day, all year round. Unaffected by weather, each tracks thousands of objects per hour, switching between objects each millisecond.

Today, LeoLabs has three radar installations in operation: PFISR, MSR, (both in operation for over ten years) and KSR. They are also building a network of over six radars which will cover the southern and northern hemispheres, the equator and can track new satellites within hours.

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