The NewSpace sector has re-envisioned how we think about space exploration. As startups innovate and advance the sector forward, much competition is accelerating our ability to reach further into the cosmos.

Slingshot Aerospace is one such company making a significant impact on the tools we use during spaceflight. Their vision is to accelerate space sustainability while creating a safer, more connected world. They provide advanced analytics, machine learning, computer vision and numerous collaborative tools to send data from Earth and space.

Founded in 2017, the company was incubated by Techstars LA and is led by experts with experience in aerospace, intelligence and data.


Many of their multiple technology patents are in the approval process and they also operate a wide range of cutting-edge decision intelligence technologies. The company boasts many large U.S. defense and aerospace customers, including NASA and the U.S. Air Force. Take a glimpse at some of their innovative products: 


Slingshot Beacon

The company’s Beacon project simplifies the job of owner-operators to know the locations, plans and capabilities of their assets. Beacon helps streamline the process for customers by automatically filtering through daily data of CDMs, evaluating and calling attention to CDMs that meet the criteria. Beacon also provides direct collaboration with the second party to conjunctions. They facilitate the exchange of operators’ highly accurate data, mission plans, ephemeris, timelines and maneuver plans to efficiently operate and resolve potential conjunctions. Slingshot Beacon reduces the risks in conjunctions and saves operators time with the industry’s first two-sided communication approach and collaboration platform.


Slingshot Laboratory

Slingshot is also paying it forward with its education laboratory. They offer easy-to-use and immersive next-generation space education and training. Participants in higher education or related industries learn the fundamentals of astrodynamics and space domain awareness. The platform features immersive experiences, a flexible physics engine and numerous opportunities to experiment and explore.


Slingshot Orbital

Slingshot also operates an orbital branch that optimizes and speeds up the dynamic decision-making throughout the lifecycle of a company’s space system. It oversees design to operations and service. With this branch, the company brings a new horizon to data management in the space industry. They have built a data fabric to curate and profile complex information from multiple sources so that it’s easier to access, analyze, and close any trust gaps. They find the predictive value of their data by offering insights that accelerate design, monitoring and optimize space operations.


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