The space exploration sector is perhaps the hottest investment area in all of technology at the moment. While investment funds within the space sector are still nascent compared to other areas of investment, several have been created and launched in the past 24 months. The top space focused investment funds in the World and their respective investment thesis are as follows:

#1: Seraphim

Based in London, UK, Seraphim is the world’s first venture fund dedicated to financing the growth of businesses operating in the Space ecosystem. They invest in companies that are transforming global industries through the generation, enhancement and application of satellite and drone enabled data. Collectively, Seraphim holds over 100 year of experience and invests in over 180 early and growth companies, returning more than $750 million to shareholders. Seraphim works with one of the world’s leading entrepreneurs and experts in Earth Observation.

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Investment Thesis: Seraphim is a space focused investment firm looking to invest in emerging category leaders in the sector. Based in London with partners in the United States and European Union, Seraphim manages the Space Fund, a VC investing internationally in early space tech companies. 

Seraphim Space Camp Accelerator is a 3 month programme for 6-10 international pre-A series space startups, which runs twice per year with the fifth cohort currently underway. UK Space Tech Angels is a group of investors managed by Seraphim that invest in seed stage space tech opportunities. Seraphim has built a portfolio of 60 startups which include the likes of Spire, Iceye and LeoLabs. Seraphim is backed by a group of large space corporations which includes Airbus, SES and Telespazio. 

Key Executives: 

Mark Boggett, CEO & Managing Partner of Seraphim Space Fund

Rob Desborough, Partner and CEO of Seraphim Space Camp











#2: Hemisphere Ventures 

Hemisphere Ventures comprises a group of founders, operators, entrepreneurs and early stage investors who support pre-seed and seed companies. Located in Seattle, WA, Hemisphere Ventures has over 30 years of combined business expertise, having started from the ground up to build innovative teams and scalable operations.

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Investment Thesis: Hemisphere Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm focused on frontier tech: synthetic biology, robotics, drones and space. Hemisphere has invested in 200+ U.S. companies since 2014; they were the first investors in Axiom Space (the world’s first commercial space station) and Umbra Lab (high resolution space-based imagery).

Key Executives: 

Lisa Rich, Managing Partner

NewSpace Capital 

NewSpace Capital funds the high growth businesses in the space sector and related industries, including but not limited to human spaceflight, launch services, space mining and R&D/exploration. Their mission is to support those who turn their dreams and aspirations into advanced technologies, working products, loyal customers and achieved goals.

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Investment Thesis: NewSpace Capital is a Luxembourg-based private equity firm focused on the growth stage companies in the space and space-related industries. The NewSpace Capital investment team has over 100 years of the relevant technical, commercial and investment experience. The company’s Advisory Board includes some of the most prominent space industry experts.

Key Executives: 

Bogdan Gogulan, Managing Partner and CEO

Padraig McCarthy, CFO











Since Starburst’s inception, they’ve committed hard to positioning themselves not just as a venture investor in aerospace and defense, but an innovation catalyst at the center of global ecosystem. What originally started as a match maker for multi-national corporations and government innovation stakeholders, has blossomed into a full-fledged venture fund supported by its more than ten unique acceleration programs across the globe. Starburst works with 50+ global corporations and government agencies including NASA, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Space Fore, U.K. MoD, French DGA, ESA, German BDLI, Israel Aerospace Industries, Enterprise Singapore, and many more. The Starburst team is strategically positioned in the world’s largest A&D hubs, including Los Angeles, Paris, Munich, London, Madrid, Singapore, Seoul, Tel-Aviv, and Mumbai. 

Starburst’s flagship Accelerator is a mentor, strategic advisors,  business development focused 12-month program that features seven work streams to prepare startups for Series A fundraising maturity. The program leverages Starburst’s unique understanding of the global ecosystem and consulting arm to get startup founders on contract with the world’s leaders in frontier technology. The Starburst venture fund acts as a Series A focused follow-on fund to startups that move through this program.

Starburst through its different programs has invested in more than 60 start ups the last 3 years alone, among them Airmap, Ampaire, ZeroAvia, Natilus, EVA, Whitefox, Momentus, Orbital Sidekick, Cluster, Launcher — all redefining an industry that’s historically been dominated by just a handful of players. 

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Investment Thesis: Starburst invests in founders who refuse to identify the sky as the limit, and don’t just want to develop impressive technology, but want to redefine the way innovation happens. Starburst supports entrepreneurs that share the firm’s tenacity, ambition, and passion for advancing the future of aviation, space, and defence. Starburst exclusively invests in founders that have been through at least one of their acceleration global programs and has worked closely with them. 

Key Executives: 

Francois Chopard, Starburst Founder and Managing Director

Vandad Esphabodi, CoFounder











Having helped launch the Space Revolution and the NewSpace start up community, SpaceFund invests in the visionary yet practical high-growth startups already emerging to create the frontier focused space industry of tomorrow. They value integrity, humility, and pragmatism – even when seeking out the nimble, bold, and innovative. They also don’t “fire and forget” when it comes to investing, but instead focus on applying their deep knowledge of the field and their active engagement in its future to increase returns, while nurturing, cultivating, and supporting their portfolio companies (including OrbitFab, Axiom Space, Made in Space) through every stage of their development. They operate out of Austin and Houston, Texas. Read more about SpaceFund’s vision here.

Investment Thesis: Reusable/regular space access, government support for private space development, and adoption of space as part of the terrestrial economy are creating a Space Industrial Revolution. We focus on culturally impactful, innovative, frontier enabling start ups beyond satellites and rockets, including in-space transport, communications, supply chain, energy and human factors.

Key Executives: 

Rick Tumlinson, Founding Partner

Meagan Crawford, Managing Partner










#6: Starbridge


Starbridge provides visionary founders with the capital to open new frontiers and leverage commercial space innovations into existing markets. Their investments combine traditional tech and space development opportunities with a focus on sustainable growth and market potential. Starbridge boasts a team of veteran science, technology, and finance professionals who have the deal flow visibility and domain expertise to nurture companies through the hardest parts of their growth; specifically, helping companies understand where they stand within the industry’s value chain and how that changes when stressed. Starbridge is headquartered in Washington, DC with team members in New York, Chicago, Silicon Valley, Mexico, and Taiwan. Learn more about Starbridge.

Investment Thesis: Starbridge invests in space technology and space enabling companies that have either proof of product/market fit or dual space/terrestrial applications. The firm believes that space is a unique sector where customer focused and competent teams can create top quartile investment returns.

Key Executives: 

Steven Jorgenson, General Partner

Michael Mealling, General Partner










#7: Helios Capital

Based in NYC, Helios Capital invests in early stage, high impact/high return companies and actively aims to give solutions to the climate change challenges we face. Investors include individuals and family offices that share a vision of NewSpace innovation that can provide massive potential to positively impact our world while giving lucrative investment returns. Helios provides investors with an extensive network to source deals and provide insight on due diligence and technological vetting. With their entrepreneurial partners, Helios provides extensive knowledge, a wide breadth of experience and a straightforward approach. The family office also leads rounds and invests alongside a committed group of impact investors. 

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Investment Thesis: Helios Capital is an opportunistic family office, investing in early stage transformative technology companies with a special emphasis on space. The firm aims to be indispensable partners to entrepreneurs because we believe the innovations realized from a spacefaring civilization will come full circle to support on Earth activities and beyond. 

Key Executives:

Ryan Kriser, Founder and CEO